About Us

My name is Ray Hair. I live in Denton, Texas. I enjoy collecting and restoring Type II Volkswagens. I got into it after I began to market my Mother and Dad’s car collection a while back after my folks passed on. Of their some three dozen cars, I enjoyed reconditioning and marketing the VW’s more than the others, because I grew up driving a Volkswagen Bus.

Naturally, after I learned a bit about restoring and marketing classic and special interest cars, I headed straight for the cars I knew the best – vintage VW Busses. They are the coolest things in the universe, and I usually have several under restoration. After I restore them, I drive them, have loads of fun in them, pass some of them on to interested enthusiasts, and then collect some more.

On these pages, you’ll find a sample of some of my favorite restorations, as well as a few that are currently available.

You can E-mail me at rhair69@gmail.com or contact me, Ray Hair, by phone at (940) 383-2790, or 817-988-5238 (c).